3 Steps to Start Testing the OPTIMIS Toolkit v2

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3 Steps

to Start Testing the OPTIMIS Toolkit v2

1Two ways to test OPTIMIS Toolkit v2 software:

Access the Toolkit full source code here*:

This project allows anonymus checkouts of its source code. Use the command below an duse 'anonymus' as the username and a blanck password to checkout the code with the following command:

svn checkout
Get the source code


* In order to download the software and participate on the OPTIMIS Toolkit v2 Evaluation Program you have to be a registered member of our site.

Download OTPIMIS Evaluation Program Virtual Machines *:

Once you download all the VMs you will have OPTIMIS system already installed and configured to help you start testing our software from minute zero.

In order to download the VMs you need an FTP client (like WinSCP or FileZilla) and please use the following when prompted for access validation: User: “guestoptimis” & password: “NU5,h)f$).”

These are the VMs you need to download:

  • Service Construction virtual appliance

    which contains the installation of the Y2 version of the OPTIMIS Programming Model (PM) and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which are the tools for implementing Optimis Services. Download the VM here
  • Service Provider (SP) virtual appliance

    which includes the tools for Service Providers (an intermediary between end-users and the Infrastructure Providers. Download the VM here

  • Infrastructure Provider (IP) virtual appliance

    which contains tools to simplify and automate the management of the Infrastructure provider’s infrastructure. Download the VM here

  • Database virtual appliance

    which includes the database where all OPTIMIS tools metrics are stored, i.e. the data gathered by the Monitoring infrastructure, other schemas used to store the TREC related information. Download the VM here

  • Data Manager virtual appliance

    is the main virtual image where all DataManager services and API backend is supported. It is the central component for interacting with the Data Manager. Download the VM here

  • NameNode VM Template

    is the virtual image template used for building hadoop distributed file systems. This VM has the role of namenode holding metadata regarding the actual location of the Data. Download the VM here

  • DataNode VM Template

    is a template for building data nodes for hadoop distributed file system. Instances created using this template have the role of data node and are storing the actual data (blocks). Download the VM here

2Learn more about the OPTIMIS Toolkit!

Learn how the Toolkit can help you and your organization by downloading the white paper “WHY USE OPTIMIS ?”

Value for Business
Technical Materials

Start reading the Getting Started Guide

Also, do not forget to take a closer look at these documents:

If you want to have a deeper understanding of how each component works, continue reading OPTIMIS v2 release detailed documents here:


Are you interested in installing the OPTIMIS Toolkit ?

If you want stay updated on more news about OPTIMIS. We will contact you only with information about future downloads, new available materials and detailed instructions for installation help and specific tips about our software.