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We have created a new document that will allow to you take a quick look at the innovation behind OPTIMIS Toolkit project. Downloading the following document "OPTIMIS Main Innovations Summary" and get an overview of OPTIMS Toolkit value and what real companies think about the Toolkit.


OPTIMIS Team is very pleased to let you know that Flexiant, one of OPTIMIS Consortium partners, appeared in a Raconteur supplement, "Working in the Cloud' featured in The Times newspaper, read by 710,000 people per day. 

Alex Bligh, Flexiant CTO featured in one of the editorial pieces following an interview a couple of weeks ago however the special report itself also provides a valuable resource of topical and engaging Cloud content.



OPTIMIS Project on the 1ST INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ENERGY-­EFFICIENT DATA CENTRES, with Wolfgang Ziegler presentation called "SLAs for Energy-Efficient Data Centres: The Standards-Based Approach of the OPTIMIS Project.


OPTIMIS annonces the release of a new version of "Why Use OPTIMIS ?

OPTIMIS annonces the release of a new version of "Why Use OPTIMIS ? - Build and Run Services in the Most Suitable Cloud Environments" White Paper. This white paper is intended to help users have a clear understanding about what OPTIMS does by provindg a overall picture of its value. It shows how its results can help companies adopt multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies using our software toolkit and development framwork.

Internal short paper for OPTIMIS
Authors: Benno Barnitzke, LL.M.; Marcelo Corrales, LL.M.;Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó (University of Hannover)

Note: Not available for distribution